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1950 Ford two-door sedan, highly customized. 

Above is a comparison between it and a stock 1950 Ford. This car has been “sectioned” and “channeled” . “Sectioning” is removing a horizontal body slice to lower the overall height, originally to go faster, then to look cool; note these two 1950 Fords above and the distance between the top of the wheel well and the top of the fender - the stock is wide - the sectioned car is narrower.   “Channeling” is raising the floor to lower the body without changing the suspension; note how low the car sits; that is done without suspension alterations. This car has NOT been “chopped” - removing (“chopping out”) a piece of the pillars and windows to lower the overall height.

Here are some of the highlights:

1955 Ford Side trim, and a 1955 Mercury beltline (on the side, between front and rear roof pillars and the door handle)


1957 Cadillac wheel covers (with Ford emblem):


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